Shopping today is never like before

“Past” is the full definition that can be given to the fact of visiting a tailoring shop, giving the measurements and getting a suit crafted for yourself after a lapse of about 3 weeks. Today, hardly can a distinction be found in purchasing goods online and buying at a visit to the store. Businesses and technology has both developed to such an extent that “retail shopping” isn’t a big deal as everything you need is readily available in any part of the world and in the exact context you need. It’s just a matter of spending money and making your choice. People nowadays do not have the time to keep looking in every retail store to see for a good purchase. And the retailers on the other hand have identified these specific requirements of their customers. And so they have altered their method of delivery and catering to suit the trending life styles and patterns.
One important aspect of present retail shopping is that shoppers know just as well as the retailers about the goods. Hardly can a shop owner lie and cheat any of his customers. Shoppers tend to do more research on the products and they have more than enough knowledge to identify faults and bugs in the products. Unlike the past days, shoppers do not depend on the retailers when purchasing a product. Lot of insights are readily available for all shoppers on the internet as the world has become an information store.
In the past, retailers hardly knew customer requirements and specifications. They delivered their own ideas of products and hardly did they consider customer feedback. Yet today, millions are spent on consumer surveys and marketing researches solely for the purpose of being ahead of their competitors by identifying customer needs and wants even before the c customer himself. Retailers take the initiative to have their customers beforehand and so much of their budget is spent on marketing and advertising.
Word of mouth was the most powerful source of publicity in the past. And today it still remains the same with the only difference of being more powerful and stronger source of propaganda. With the introduction of social media sites such as G+, face book and twitter, people are not only sharing their views and opinions about products but are criticizing in public. It is not with a few friends at office or with family but with millions of people across the world. Therefore retail shopping has changed today than ever.
Although the internet was available a decade back, it was mostly used for the purpose of research and gathering information. But today it has become a source of interaction and retailers offer shoppers virtual try-on and videos can be viewed about the utility of the products.

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