Positive feedback equals efficiency

Success in the business world is not easy to come by. There has to be a dream and the drive to see it through when an individual embarks on a business venture. A one man show then slowly develops into a business with 10-20 people working in it and then eventually achieves success to have a staff of 300-400. But these milestones are not achieved in the blink of an eye and the keys to success are many in number.

The modern day staff

Today most organizations thrive on competition. The words best, finest and unbeatable are some adjectives that customers look for when considering a buy. For example, if we see a company advertise themselves as professional aviation consulting Australia, then customers tend to hone in only on the word professional. So when we try to target our customers with the use of positive ideas why don’t we try to do the same with our staff?

You might be surprised to walk in and see that most successful organizations are the ones where their staff are encouraged, praised, listened to and held accountable for the work they do. This goes on to show that in the business world today to get the best out of your staff it doesn’t only require feedback when they have made a mistake, like the practice of yesteryears, instead these people need constant positive interaction to keep them going. The new generation of workers thrive on positivity and they want this in their feedbacks as well without constantly being harassed by negative comments.

And the people who can keep driving your staff in a positive manner are the managers of every department. Managers are the all-important link between the big fish in a company and line staff. They must ensure proper communication between each and every staff member and see to it that everyone who is working under him/her is doing s to the best of their potential. Therefore it is important that they don’t let their rigid managing styles and personal habits become the missing link in the chain of communication.

Always make sure there is an interaction between you and your staff members before, during and after a project. Always discuss what went right at the beginning of the meeting and ways in which the staff can improve this job well done to a near perfect one. Then get the negatives that came out of a project. Make sure you have all of your staff members involved in such meetings. You will tend to notice an astonishing change in the attitude of your staff once they have realized that their suggestions are going to be heard and acted upon, they are going to be held accountable and publicly praised for their work.

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