Best types of birthday cake  

There are millions of different cakes out there and when it comes to having birthdays, there can be a lot to choose from. Three dimensional cakes are now rather popular. There are bakeries that let you sample the different kinds of cakes that are available so that you can choose a specific batter and the icing as well as what you want the cake to look like. Others choose to do it the traditional way by baking the cake at home. While most people always go for chocolate cake, there are others who prefer more mellow flavors like butter, vanilla or even carrot cake. It all boils down to what the special person wants.

The most common cake of them all

According to statistics, the different varieties of chocolate cake trumps the rest of the types of cake. It can be made with other ingredients as well such as chocolate fudge, vanilla crème or even chocolate mousse, cocoa powder and other sweeteners. Basic chocolate cake is really simple to make and it can be made at home by anyone. While cakes used to be made from scratch, there are cake mixes in the market now which just requires a few ingredients to be added to it and then put in the oven to be baked. The icing on the cake can also be made into a chocolate icing. Molten lava cake is also a current trend. Some people prefer using actual chocolates in the cake such as Toblerone or Nutella which makes the cake much richer. Some places deliver the cake along with other supplies such as party decorations Sunshine Coast.

It’s all about the cheese cake

This is a cake that has more than one layer of different texture and ingredients. The bottom layer consists of a hard crust which is made out of crackers or crushed cookies. On top of this layer is a soft mixture of eggs, sugar and fresh cheese which sets into a semi-solid mixture. It could be baked or set in the fridge as well. There are different toppings for cheese cake such as blueberry or strawberry jam glazes, whipped cream, fruity sauces and chocolate syrup. There are new kinds of cheesecake such as chocolate cheese cake, key lime, toffee, chestnut and Oreo cheese cake as well. Special decorations can be made with special lettering if required by party decorations Sunshine Coast.

The cake that’s about having fun

Most commonly known as funfetti cake, the batter of the cake is infused with fun things such as sprinkles or smarties which look like an explosion once the cake is cut up and served.

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